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Marley is a singer-songwriter from Austria and moved to Prague in 2015 - she was searching for something and soon found it in music. Since then, she played on festivals like Nova Rock in Austria and in bars and venues all over Europe and abroad, but also on the streets of America. She doesn’t care much about trends or current hypes, she doesn’t need to be loud or act a role. She plays different instruments and prefers unusual sounds from Greek bouzouki or ukulele. She creates her songs in a playful and honest way, arranges everything by herself. Songwriting is vital to her, her songs are emotional and sincere, with light and uplifting sounds.
The first outcome of her musical travel is her debut EP “Cube”, released on 13th September 2018. In June 2019 she released "Tunnelvision", the first song of her upcoming album, together with a video that discusses anxiety and social fears.

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