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Marley Wildthing is a Singer-Songwriter from Austria performing in Vienna and Prague. Passion for music struck her like a lightning and within few years, Marley taught herself to sing, play several instruments like bouzouki, bass and ukulele and produce her own music. Live she sings and combines various instruments, with which she creates complex layers of looped melodies, vocals and beats, all held together by her positive energy and deep voice. In between her songs she likes to entertain with private anecdotes.

Marley has played everywhere from the streets to bars, clubs and big festivals like Donauinselfest in Vienna or Rock for People in Czech Republic.

She writes very personal songs about inner and outer fights: the environment, our society, depressions and urges. Her videos show critical views on our relationship with nature and also political issues.

Her past singles and music videos have been presented in Austrian, Czech and international media such as “Guten Morgen Österreich” or Očko TV. Marley released her debut album on 18th November 2022.

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